How long are therapy sessions?

Standard therapy sessions last 45-50 minutes.  Couples and Family Counseling sessions may be longer.  

- How often do therapy sessions occur?

Therapy is most effective when sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis.  More or less frequent sessions may be needed during the course of therapy, your counselor will help you decide what is best for you.  

- How do I make an appointment? How long does it take to obtain an appointment?

You can reach us by phone during regular business hours at 516-785-0323 to schedule an appointment.  If it is after regular business hours please use the email contact form and someone will get back to you during our next business day.  We will try our best to give you an appointment with in the next week based upon your availability.   

-Do you take insurance?

Yes, we work with most insurance companies.  Click Here for a list or you can call us at 516-785-0323 to verify that we take your particular insurance.  If for some reason we are not in your network we will work with you based on your ability to pay.  Please contact us.  

- Does therapy really work? 

Yes! therapy absolutely works when experienced, caring, licensed therapists work with clients, who are willing to put time, energy, and work into the therapeutic process.

- Don’t I need to be in therapy with a psychiatrist?

Most psychiatrists evaluate patients for medication needs and ongoing medication management. Psychotherapy is performed by Licensed Clinical Psychologists, Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Licensed Clinical Social Workers.  

- Isn’t medication all I need to “fix” my problems?

The symptoms of many mental health problems may be minimized by the appropriate medication.  Numerous research studies have been conducted and the findings all indicate that clients when treated with psychotherapy in conjunction with medication had both more rapid and successful outcomes than either medication or psychotherapy when given alone.  In addition many medication have unwanted side effects and may not be a good long term solution to the problem. The counseling process helps address the underlying causes associated with mental health symptoms. In many cases as the healing process progresses medication may become less necessary.  Talk therapy rivaled drug therapy in effectiveness in a well-known clinical research study as discussed in a November 1995 Consumer Reports' article. 

- Is it okay to ask for a change in therapist if I am not comfortable with him or her?

Yes. Your therapy will be more effective if you connect with your therapist.  Generally, however, our staff is very good at  selecting which therapist will be a good match given the age, gender, personality and presenting problem of the client..  


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