Great Neck

                                              Elena Hatzakos

Elena Hatzakos, LCSW is a trauma-informed Clinical Psychotherapist who achieved advanced training and education in numerous therapeutic modalities, including Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Couples/Marriage Counseling, and Play Therapy. She also provides Teletherapy for individuals who are interested in seeking treatment but who do not have the schedule that allows them to improve the quality of their life. Elena provides patient-centered and eclectic treatment that is based on the strengths of those that she works with and helps them rewire their thought process and improve their quality of life. Treatment is collaborative and consistent with the understanding that this will allow one to heal their past in order to expand their future. Elena is also a published writer and has over 10 years of leadership and Directorial experience. She is extremely proud and grateful to be part of this growing and impressive practice.


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